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Medicaid, Medicare, and other insurance holders 

1. Those who with geriatric diseases
2. Those who need long-term care and elderly care
3. Those who need short-term rehabilitation after



※ Medicaid, Medicare, various insurance benefits
※ Even if you only consult, we will help you with all procedures.


1. Phone Inquiry
New Jersey Korean Nursing Home is currently recruiting seniors, so if you have any questions, please visit or contact us. At our nursing home, counseling is available in Korean and English.

2. Consultation
When you come from the hospital, you need to consult with a social worker, and when you come from home, the director will visit you and consult you.

3. Admission Consideration and Decision
You can review and make a decision about moving in through consultation.

4. Contract & move-in
Welcome to our New Jersey Korean Nursing Home.

When moving in

From a hospital - the hospital social worker will send the documents to the nursing home.
From home - the nursing home will help you prepare the documents.
From another state - The nursing home will help you prepare the documents.

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