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Medical Service

Regular visits by a medical director doctor and 24-hour resident nurses provide management and treatment. 

We provide specialized medical services such as medication treatment under the doctor's prescription.

Nursing Service

We provide specialized nursing care for patients who need a professional nurse

due to stroke, dementia, trauma, and various chronic diseases,

early discharge patients, and short-term care residents.

Rehab_Physical Therapy

Physical therapy uses physical techniques such as exercise, massage, hydrotherapy,

heat and cold therapy, and ultrasound therapy, rather than surgery or drug therapy,

to relieve the patient's pain and restore the deteriorated functional state to restore normal daily life. 

In the case of the elderly, as they age, they often have degenerative diseases such as muscle weakness, decreased joint stability and bone density, and limited mobility, or are accompanied by disorders

such as hemiplegia due to the onset of neurological diseases such as stroke.

Therefore, in order to prevent further deterioration and maintain and improve the current function,

it is of utmost importance to continuously perform appropriate physical therapy and exercise therapy.

Short-Term Rehabilitation Program

Medicare Part A benefits

- After being hospitalized for more than 3 days, discharged after 2 weeks to 3 months of physical therapy under Medicare Part A

- Thorough Rehabilitation Therapy Program: Care by a State Accredited Physical Therapist Licensed Physical Therapist

Rehabilitation Exercise

Rehabilitation physical therapy for disability and recovery of nervous system and skeletal function

Occupational Therapy

Treatment to restore or maintain people's daily activities



Assessment and treatment of communication disorders and treatment for swallowing disorders

Long Term Rehabilitation Program

Medicaid benefits

- Those who are at home or who need continuous treatment after short-term care
- Treatment and management of various heart diseases, diabetes, high blood

    pressure, stroke, Parkinson's, arthritis, cancer, bedsores, dementia, kidney

   disease, and various geriatric diseases

Temporary Consignment Service

Hospice Service




IV Therapy

G tube



Pain Management

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